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The FLEXX IT Training Edge: What’s the Difference Anyway?

FLEXX IT Training differs from any other program on the market minimizing risk of injury and yielding incredible results in terms of performance and body image. The philosophy behind FLEXX IT Training encapsulates the idea of muscle confusion, Tension Over Time (TOT) muscle isolation, sequencing repetitions, methods of training and most importantly executing the exercises with PERFECT FORM in a controlled slow manner. Anyone can successfully shred fat and build lean muscle; improving the quality of life.

Bodybuilders have been using this technique for years because it works! Now I get that not everyone wants to have trapezius muscles that touch their ears like some of these bodybuilder guys however they know how to maximize the efficiency of their muscles. We use a few of their concepts and apply it to a fun group class setting that will allow the entire group to push through plateaus and maximize the work performed by each individual muscle. To operate at the highest efficiency possible, we need tension over time muscle isolation.

Muscle isolation entails the use of lighter weight and perfect form to ensure the desired muscle group is performing on its own without the help of bigger muscle groups or momentum. Since the desired muscle group exerts all of the energy to move the weight, participants can use lighter weights and prevent injury. Tension Over Time (TOT) involves constant stress on the muscle throughout the entire duration of the exercise. This basically means that the program’s adherence to a count is designed to prevent participants from resting too long at the top or bottom of an exercise and therefore increasing their efficiency and maximizing the work load without having to lift dangerously heavy weights.

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