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We like your feedback

What our clients say about us means a great deal. We strive to ensure that everyone gets as much out of Flexx It as we put in. Below are just some of our happy clients, and what they experience with us.

If you wish to give us feedback, we’re always willing to hear what you have to say!

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- Jackie Roberts
“My story is that I started doing a combination of Zumba and Flexx It four times a week about five months ago in addition to eating a much healthier diet. I was trying to lose some of the fat and flab after having two children. With my pregnancies, I get a very large torpedo-like belly. I still have some of the excess stretched skin from pregnancy #2 that will not go away without surgery, but at least it’s smaller than it was and there are now ab muscles underneath. Over the past five months, I have lost 20 lbs and have reached my goal weight with the addition of a lot more muscle.  Thanks for creating such great routines to help me reach my goals and maintain a strong, healthy body that I can Flexx It, Feel It and Flaunt It!”

- Karon Epley
“A couple of years ago I told my husband not to buy me tee shirts with real short sleeves because my arms were getting flabby! Since then I have started taking Flex It classes. It only took a few weeks to notice my muscles starting to appear more toned. As I slowly increased the weights I began to have more energy and felt stronger. Not only do I want to wear tee shirts with short sleeves now but I love to wear tank tops to show off my sculpted arms! My name is Karon Epley and I am an advocate for Flex It so you can Flaunt It!”

- Suzanne B
“I must admit that Flexx It is one of my addictions.  Working out has always been one of my big stress relievers but I had never done any significant weight training.”

- Marilynn B.
“After just 6 weeks I can actually see and feel immediate results. The Flexx It program has totally changed my outlook on fitness and helped me to achieve my fitness goals in a fun way!”
- Mary C.
“I never thought I’d see a size 6 again after 2 children, but I’m at the point where I need to take some pants to the tailor! YEAH!”

- Anonymous
“My husband and I had grown apart and were headed for divorce before we started coming to Flexx It classes. Now our relationship is better than ever – physically and emotionally. Thank You!”