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Sales Representative

Applicant needs to exemplify the following skills and character traits:

  • Be ambitious, determined and handle rejection well.
  • Have sales experience in the field or have a business or sales related degree from a college.
  • Attend and pass a Flexx It sales training seminar (only 6 hours on a weekend)
  • Have an initial regional plan of attack for the area that he/she works in.
  • Send in email requesting application status (contact page)


  • Proficient in Word and Excel
  • Quick decision making
  • Relative knowledge of the fitness industry
  • Sales experience (not a necessity if you are strong in other areas)
  • Good Listener

Character Traits

  • Ambitious
  • Determined
  • Resilient
  • Handle rejection well
  • Empathetic
  • Oranginzed


  • Each sale can earn a representative anywhere from $375 to $600 per facility
  • Representatives receive renewal commissions for facilities that renew their license the following year.
  • If a representative can establish a solid client base, that is recurring money each year for very little to no work beyond a couple phone calls to check on the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Representatives can organize their own schedule and work Flexx It Training sales as a part time occupation.
  • Great job for a determined undergraduate or post graduate student trying to gain experience while making substantial money between classes.

Work your region and bring your sales stuff with you whenever you travel and you can claim it as a business expense!

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