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Flexxit Training has options for all levels of fitness, and options for all ages, as well.

Essential Program

This program is light barbell or dumbbell regimen that emphasizes a full body workout with a minimal risk of injury. We differ from the competition in that we will teach YOU how to push yourself to your limits WITH proper technique to prevent the possibility of injury. This program applies to the widest range of adults because a novice participant and an expert athlete can both achieve a rigorous workout doing the same thing but just modifying their respective weight on the bar.

Interval Program

This program serves as a resistance weight training program as well as a significant cardiovascular workout. The same method of tension over time muscle isolation is present throughout the workout however explosive plyometrics and cardio intervals are mixed in as well. The combination of cardio intervals, precision lifting and shorter breaks keeps the heart rate elevated for the whole workout. Great for any athlete interested in cross training.

Longevity Program

This program is designed to increase longevity, balance, stamina, strength and overall quality of life. This is the safest training regimen available for older adults who want to improve their mobility and strength and make new friends in the process. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome even if you aren’t able to do some exercises but most individuals that participate are over 55.