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Are you tired of not doubling profits in your group exercise program? Are you sick of the constant grind of making it month to month? Are you exhausted from NEEDING to recruit new members each month to cover your monthly membership retention loss?

We have the group exercise program that will solve all your problems AND bring your clients results they have desired for years. We provide a platform and template for your facility and administration to follow to guarantee success and results across all programs.

We have had our naysayers that claim, “Flexx It Training can’t be legitimate with prices that low” or “where is their history of success?” We are a company expanding at an exponential rate because we reinforce the fundamentals of good exercise. For years, people have jumped from fad to fad trying to discover the “easy workout solution.” We are here to remind you that magical solution doesn’t exist. You know as well as we do if you want to see results, you need to put in hard work with good form and purpose towards a goal.

Our programs differ from the rest of the market because we teach the general public how to put in “hard work” with great form at a rate that they can handle depending on their respective mental toughness. Your clients will learn the value of proper mechanics and start to treat their body like a finely tuned engine with many moving parts. We combine isolation exercises with controlled output in compound exercise to minimize injury. With our program, you will be able to cast the widest net possible to intrigue more demographics than you ever imagined.

This regimen is the best training tool on the market for any person participating in a rotation-based sport such as tennis, golf, hockey, lacrosse, softball and baseball. To reach the highest level of performance, one must be able to execute range of motion in a controlled manner to build the muscles’ tolerance to weight load and tension. When the moment arrives to unload full speed in a sport, the muscles can exert force at a powerful.

Most rotation sports require torque and explosion but it is even more important to be able to exert power in a controlled and precise manner with incredible endurance and consistency. The famous strength sports performance coach, Pavel Tsatsouline, explains that the best way to make gains in sports specific movements is to “grease the groove.” This requires multiple repetitions at a moderate weight combined with muscle confusion so that the body may call on a specific movement during competition and execute it with precision.

Our rotation program is universal in that it can be modified up or down depending on the level. You could be a 75-year old woman interested in improving her drive or a Division I collegiate athlete tennis player trying to get his serve into the 130 MPH range. The program can be modified by intensity, weight, equipment and tension over time adjustments. More advanced clients will be using equipment like medicine balls, kettle bells and wall balls whereas a beginner or senior may use very light dumbbells, exercise bands or even body weight rotation exercises.

If you are interested in tennis specific exercises, stretches and stroke technique, please visit Win With CC Tennis. You will find in-depth explanations regarding technique on all strokes, cutting edge drills that the pros use and of course every advantage possible in relation to physical performance it relates to tennis.