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Master Trainer

To even be considered for a Master Trainer qualification, an individual must exemplify superior understanding and execution of the skills listed below. 

Understanding of Muscle Mechanics

  • Knowledge of major muscle groups
  • Ability to identify primary muscle group and assisting muscle groups
  • Knowledge of joint actions
  • Starting positions for all exercises in manual
  • Understanding of proper exercise executions for all exercises in manual
  • Understanding of muscle mechanics such as lever length, range of motion, muscular overload and muscular contractions
  • Knowledge of appropriate modification for all exercises to allow for more options for all ranges of fitness level from beginner to advanced

Teaching Skills

  • Ability to demonstrate cueing to include verbal, visual, descriptive
  • Ability to demonstrate proper counting
  • Ability to recognize phrasing
  • Ability to demonstrate proper transitioning
  • Ability to correct improper from of an individual without distracting the rest of the class

Personal Attributes

  • High Energy
  • Motivational
  • Positive Attitude
  • Personal Commitment to Fitness

In addition to these attributes, the applicant must:

  • Have 5 years of group exercise experience
  • Have Continuing Education provider status with ACE
  • Have previous presentation experience in front of large groups (for presenting Flexx It Training at world conventions)
  • Complete interview with Managing Partners and demonstrate one class
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