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Are you tired of teaching the same stagnant routine four months in a row? Are you sick of following a rigid structure and not being able to breathe your own personality into your fitness classes? Are you frustrated with putting 110% into your classes yet the numbers don’t reflect your effort or passion?

Each one of our FLEXX IT Training classes offer a unique perspective that can separate you from the other instructors in the area. Our program provides the structure and modifications necessary for teaching a wide demographic but we need star power to really make it sell. If you become of our star instructors, you will enter an elite group of individuals that inspire people across the world. We want you to become your own fitness guru and command thousands of followers. Let us assist you in promoting your personal brand as you develop your fitness acumen.

We have the group exercise program that will solve all your problems AND bring your clients results they have desired for years. If you are ACSM certified, then we know you understand our emphasis on perfect form and lightweights rather than how much weight you can lift or how fast you can do it. If you aren’t ACSM certified, please still contact us as we accept former college athletes and instructors who bring a unique flavor all the time. Some AFAA certified candidates have made it through our process so please reach out to us so we can connect and get started or at the very least refer you to another professional program who can expedite your success.

We look forward to hearing from you even if you are mildly interested. We have had some instructors who could not implement FLEXX IT Training in their gym due to owner issues and they ended up becoming a Master Trainer combined with a Sales Representative to maximize their profit. If you refer your gym to us and your owner ends up purchasing a license, the instructor who made the referral will receive a generous kick back as a token of our appreciation. Please describe your current fitness teaching situation, your facility and your intentions for growth in the description box below.

If you are interested in tennis specific exercises, stretches and stroke technique, please visit Win With CC Tennis. You will find in-depth explanations regarding technique on all strokes, cutting edge drills that the pros use and of course every advantage possible in relation to physical performance it relates to tennis.