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You have very many types of people that exist in gyms today. Of the people in the United States who have gym memberships, 67% of them never use their membership more than 3 times according to Brainstatisitics.com. These people enroll and come to the gym but feel out of place or can’t get motivated but keep paying because they feel guilty or are locked into a contract! The 67% are “casual members” and they have potential to live healthier, happier lives but they need structure and someone to motivate them along the way.

The problem is that not everyone can afford a personal trainer three times a week. For those of us who can’t, FIT can offer your “casual members” a structured process that teaches them proper resistance training, allows the group synergy to motivate them and most importantly yields physical and mental results. Let’s start giving the consumers more value so that they can spread the word to their peers.

The FIT System turns casual members into connected members that feel the sense of purpose and growing motivation until they become culture members. Culture members are the best form of marketing a gym can have because their body is one shining example of how well FIT works. Also, the personal triumphant story of how their life changed resonates on a deeper level to their friends than a commercial or poster does. Below truly explains how a casual member transforms into a culture member and then becomes your best marketing tool.

  • Casual member– this person is a brand new member. They don’t know many people in the gym and have no particular regimen.
    • For the most part, this person doesn’t have extensive fitness knowledge.
    •  He/she may do a little cardio and wander from machine to machine in the weight room. If these people don’t see change in a month, they are gone!
    • Flexx It gives this person structure and teaches them how to lift properly as if it were a one on one personal training regimen.
    •  It helps them meet new people who share similar goals. New relationships within the class lead to accountability to make each workout because the member knows their friends will be there.
    • At the beginning of every FIT workout, instructors encourage members to introduce yourself to the right and to the left to increase group synergy.

As a month goes by and hopefully at least 8 workouts(2 a week), this person will have made new friends and started to see results.

  • Connected member- this person has gotten through the initial soreness and has seen minor results. They have established a few relationships in the class and have a sense of belonging.
    • He/she knows the instructor on a first name basis.
    • He/she is using the benefits of FIT website= nutrition, tips for stretching, alternative cardio and explosive weight lifting,
    • During this time period, the member truly buys into the FIT philosophy and YOUR FACILITY has the platform for these clients to workout with their friends.
    • At this point, the member will experience a better quality of life meaning more energy, sense of happiness, capability to be more productive, more passion in relationships. All of these feelings contribute to the desire to stay committed or become a “culture member.”

This time period can extend anywhere from a month to 6 months, he/she is utilizing better nutritional info found on our website and is attending at least 2 classes a week hopefully three.

  • Culture member- this person has made it through at least 2 months and is seeing serious results.
    • Their quality of life has significantly improved and they have established relationships with their instructor and the peers in their normal class.
    • This makes working out more fun. Once they have seen firsthand that doing this workout 2 to 3 times a week may be challenging and downright horrible at times, IT WILL make them healthier and happier.
    • Our program guarantees results in 2 months time if they do the workout twice a week!

Results is the best form of marketing. Friends of the culture member will ask how he/she did it. That is where your culture members will bring in more casual members than any promotional event or commercial. Don’t underestimate word of mouth.