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Facility Owner

What’s the process?

  • Please contact us with your information and we will send a sales representative to meet with you as soon as possible about which investment option will be right for your facility to make the most profit and provide best results to your members.
  • A sales representative will outline how our product works, the type of results that you can expect from this product, marketing and promotion planning, investment and pricing structures and how we plan to make your gym more profitable.
  • Upon completion of the license agreement, the sales representative will immediately set things into motion to start planning your facility’s launch date.
  • The launch consists of variety of different steps from hosting a staff meeting within the facility to the Master Trainer teaching facility instructors to implementation of the marketing and public relations campaign.
  • The timeline for the start of the license to the actual launch date can range between six to nine weeks.

What’s the license include?

  • The license includes usage of the Flexx It Training routine and each new routine that is produced each month.
  • The facility and its instructors will have unlimited access to our website where an individual can:
    • Study the routine and learn variations of each exercise so that they can modify their class to any participant level.
    • Learn from fitness videos and other scholarly articles
    • Expose your brand on a national scale through our website and marketing campaigns
  • The license also includes a Launch package which contains a variety of different promotional materials such as banners, posters, PDF template flyers, rack cards. Other promotional items such as T-shirts, towels, wristbands and water bottles are available upon request.
  • Your sales representative will also be your customer service representative. If any problems should arise, this individual will help you solve any problem you may have and will help headquarters stay up to date with your progress.

Why should I lease Flexx It Training?

  • Increase in group exercise attendance
  • Increase in membership retention
  • Increase in membership exercise adherence
  • Appropriate for all fitness levels
  • Appeals to wide demographic including men, women, seniors and teens
  • Additional Flexx It Training programs available for special populations; like Interval, Longevity (Senior) & Youth.

Once people get hooked into Flexx It Training, it becomes an addiction, an obsession, a lifestyle change. Where we create a following, you will provide the platform and facilities for all your members to reach their goals and flaunt it to your friends.

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