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Do you feel like you have tried every “fitness fad” on the market? Are you ready to try something that has been proven through sound fundamentals for decades? Even the bodybuilders use the same principles that we are trying to to teach if you are willing to give it a shot. I will warn you this is not some simple fix that you may see on an infomercial claiming to give you six pack abs in less than 6 minutes. Our program will give you results at the most efficient rate and still minimize the possibility of injury.

Here is how you can start today on your path to living a healthier lifestyle and inspiring those around you to do the same. If you wish to try this class at a licensed facility with a group, please check the locations below for options near you. If you already have a gym but wish to to give it a try, we have designed consumer friendly workouts that you can do by yourself at your own gym or even at home.


If you are new to the gym scene or haven’t worked out in a long time, check out these quick thirty minute workouts that are perfect introduction regimens and will teach you the common concepts necessary for safe muscle gains and consistent decrease in body fat.

This full body workout will hit every major muscle group and can be done with light dumb bells or even soup cans if you can’t afford a gym right away. You will complete two sets of each exercise. These are basic but effective exercises that are crucial to attaining physical fitness. You should try to complete this program two to three times a week. Are you willing to invest an hour and a half a week to improve your life and help you live longer?


Are you a consistent gym goer but you are not attaining the results that match your effort? Our program will help you isolate muscles and provide a baseline for improvement for week to week gains. This is a program that is consistent with our concepts but not our current routine that you will see if you attend a class at a licensed facility.

You will want to write your weights and amount of reps attained for your second workout so that it creates a baseline for that month. The idea is to master the number of repetitions outlined by the routine with CONTROL. Once you can do that, then you will need to add a small amount of weight which in turn will bring your repetitions down. Towards the end of the month, it is important to attempt to get back to your high repetition goal with the newly added weight.

Click here to download the PDF version of this workout.

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Try this rotation based program to explore how you can add swing speed and improve balance through your rotation to augment performance. This program was influenced by the University of Alabama Athletics program while I played collegiate tennis there from 2008 to 2012. We learned countless exercises, tips and tricks that set us above the rest of the collegiate field in terms of fitness and explosive power. Download the audio version of this program to hear all of the tips associated with each exercise to ensure proper form.

Click here to download the PDF version of this workout.

Click here to download the audio version of this workout.


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Most rotation sports require torque and explosion but it is even more important to be able to exert power in a controlled and precise manner with incredible endurance and consistency. The famous strength sports performance coach, Pavel Tsatsouline, explains that the best way to make gains in sports specific movements is to “grease the groove.” This requires multiple repetitions at a moderate weight combined with muscle confusion so that the body may call on a specific movement during competition and execute it with precision.

Our rotation program is universal in that it can be modified up or down depending on the level. You could be a 75-year old woman interested in improving her drive or a Division I collegiate athlete tennis player trying to get his serve into the 130 MPH range. The program can be modified by intensity, weight, equipment and tension over time adjustments. More advanced clients will be using equipment like medicine balls, kettle bells and wall balls whereas a beginner or senior may use very light dumbbells, exercise bands or even body weight rotation exercises.

If you are interested in tennis specific exercises, stretches and stroke technique, please visit Win With CC Tennis. You will find in-depth explanations regarding technique on all strokes, cutting edge drills that the pros use and of course every advantage possible in relation to physical performance it relates to tennis.