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FLEXX IT Training™ is a full-body, resistance-based training program which embraces the Tension Over Time™ (TOT) muscle isolation philosophy, all while maintaining your heart rate in it’s fat burning zone.

Our group exercise program serves as a safe, resistance weight-training regimen that builds lean muscle for a toned physique, and improves the participant’s quality of life, both mentally and physically.


FLEXX IT Training differs from any other program on the market by minimizing risk of injury and yielding incredible results in terms of performance and body image. The philosophy behind FLEXX IT Training encapsulates the idea of muscle confusion, Tension Over Time (TOT) muscle isolation, sequencing repetitions, and most importantly executing the exercises with PERFECT FORM in a controlled slow manner. Anyone can successfully shred fat and build lean muscle.


All programs focus on improving muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular balance, core and flexibility. Each program is designed to add training specifics.

FLEXX IT Training

This works every major muscle group while serving as a significant cardiovascular (40-59% MAX), low intensity, high fat burning workout with low risk to injury.

FLEXX IT Interval

This program is intended for people who need to get a quick 40-minute workout in or want to keep their heart rate higher for a longer period of the class.


FLEXX IT 4 Life is the safest training that’s available for the active and older adults who are looking to improve strength, mobility, balance, and range of motion.

FLEXX IT Rotation

This regimen is the best training tool on the market for any person participating in a rotation-based sport such as tennis, golf, hockey, lacrosse, softball and baseball.


Based on your reason for joining, we have a plan that’s right for you.


Do you feel like you’ve tried every fitness fad on the market? Are you ready to try something that has been clinically proven for decades? Our program gives you results at the most efficient rate and minimizes the possibility of injury.


Each one of our FLEXX IT Training classes offer a unique perspective that can separate you from the other instructors in the area.  Let us assist you in promoting your personal brand as you develop your fitness acumen.


We have the group exercise program that will bring your clients results they have desired for years. We provide a platform and template for your facility and administration to follow to guarantee success and results across all programs.

Q: I haven’t worked out in years and don’t want to be embarrassed. Is this appropriate for a novice?

A: This is the best lead in class to consistent fitness health in the country. The amazing thing about this program is the ability to modify down or up depending on difficulty level. Because success is determined by how precisely you can execute the exercise, how fast you do it or how heavy you go is irrelevant. That is why a 58 year old woman battling osteoporosis with 10 pounds on the bar can get the same grueling but safe workout that a college athlete with 65 pounds on his bar can.

Q: I have tried plenty of different workouts but haven’t lost much weight. How is this any different?

A: The truth is that this is nothing new. Bodybuilders have been doing this for years. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be so proud to see the general public following in the methods that made him a worlds champion. We aren’t saying our program will make you look like Arnold but he used a lot of the principles that we employ to maximize his tone and definition before shows. We will limit injury by doing exercises right and controlled where other programs (who will remain unnamed) focus on timed intervals or how heavy or fast you can lift.

Q: I’m looking to be faster and stronger in the sport that I love to play. How can this program help me?

A: Each one of these programs focuses on building strength, endurance, muscle and mental toughness. These programs reduce body fat percentage, risk percentage of inevitable osteoporosis and risk of injury. Although certain programs target certain demographics, there are concepts and principles that can be applied to everyone.

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